Warehousing & Document Storage


However long you need to store all or some of your possessions you can rest assured that all will be safe and secure in our storage containers.


Our storage database tracks all our client consignments and allows for effortless adding or removal of items and final retrieval.

Safe Handling

 We always wrap your belongings in new white paper and using 6mmB bubblewrap and specially made crates to safeguard your possessions in transit.

Ware House Facility

Document collection, bar-coding, scanning, digital archiving/records retrieval. Records repackaging, media [DVD] storage and secured destruction. Storage in wooden lift vans & loose storage in company owned facility. Precision weighing equipments. Fully mechanized loading and storage equipments-pallet trucks, trolleys, etc.
Modern intruder and fire protection systems with 24X7 securities and so on. The tasks to organize your wardrobe are tedious and tiresome. But, with RIGHTWAY’s expert modus-operandi as per listed strategic process, it becomes easy and convenient like never before.

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