Tips for Packing and Moving Plants Safely While Shifting

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Many customers have gardening as hobby and they love your garden very much. Plants makes your home cozy and relaxed feeling of very pleasant atmosphere, you need to that atmosphere in new moving home. The packing of plants is very essential to need some extra care during the moving to some other place. While relocating trees and plants himself, one must have the complete information that as to how the plants and trees are relocated and what is the limitation in their relocation.

How to Packing and Moving Plants Before Moving:

There are options for relocating your plants via Packers and Movers services. You will have to be boxed up so this isn’t recommended if it will take more than 5-7 days for the plant to get to your new home. The few packing tips will be follow before plants and tree shifting:

  • Packing the plant in a plastic container with sterile potting soil.
  • Water them very well before boxing them up.
  • Use packing peanuts, paper or bubble wrap for safe relocation.
  • Use expedited shipping.
  • Slowly reintroduce the plants to light.
  • A week or two before the move, re-pot plants in fresh, sterile soil.
  • Give the plants a very careful inspection to ensure that there are no bugs anywhere before watering and packing the plant.
  • If the plant is being shipped or packed in a vehicle separate from your own, leave a note with the plant that explains what the plant is in case any inspections get done.

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